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TSCQ Club Race 6

Coochie Long Weekender

Manly, 6-8/06/2015


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By tscq, May 13 2015 01:20PM

It’s a few years since the club had a weekender to Coochie Mudlo Island, so it’s time to revisit this great spot. There will be a race down from Manly on Saturday, at the usual staggered start times. Anyone not wanting to race can cruise down and join us at Coochie.

We will overnight off the beach in front of the picnic shelter, which is on the south side of the island about 100 metres west of the barge ramp. Toilets, cold showers and a café are a short walk away near the jetty. Bring a barbecue for dinner or buy fish and chips from the café.

Sunday and Monday are cruising to suit the weather and individual preferences, returning to Manly whenever you like. Coochie provides excellent shelter from most wind directions, but if there is a brisk southerly, we may need to change the destination, so keep an eye on the Facebook page.

By tscq, Feb 17 2015 12:26PM

Entry forms are now available to enter the TSCQ Moreton Bay Classic for 2015. There is an online form and a manual form which can be downloaded to print, fill in and email back or post to us.

With only 3-1/2 weeks to go it would pay to get your entry in ASAP which will also help us determine how many marina berths we need to reserve at MBBC for the Saturday night.

Click on the 'Moreton Bay Classic' button at top right of this page then look for the 'Race Entry' button.

We look forward to receiving your entry!

By tscq, Feb 3 2015 12:25PM

The Notice of Race (NOR) is now available for the Moreton Bay Classic. Click on the button at the top of the page then click on the 'Notice of Race' button to download.

The online entry form will be available soon.

By tscq, Jan 20 2015 12:41AM

For normal club races, the nominal start time is given as 11.00 am. Start times in non-MCC events will usually be staggered to try to get the fleet to finish closer together. The faster boats will try to catch the slower boats with the whole fleet usually staying within sight of each other. The lower handicap boats go first and the faster boats go last as shown below:

PBH up to 0.650 – 10.40 am

PBH from 0.651 to 0.700 – 10.50 am

PBH from 0.701 to 0.750 – 11.00 am

PBH more than 0.750 – 11.10 am

This can of course be amended by the starter of the day, depending on the number of boats. For overnight races, the starting times for the return trip will usually be brought forward, but the groups will be the same. It is the skipper’s responsibility to be ready to start at the designated time, and allowances for a late start will only be made due to circumstances beyond the skipper’s control. Boats that start more than 10 minutes late and perform poorly will not have their handicap adjusted.

You can check your usual staggered start time by referring to the “Stag Start” column in the overall race results sheet on the club web site. The PBH column in the overall results sheet was the boat’s PBH at the start of the race year. To check your latest PBH, you need to refer to the results for your most recent race.

By tscq, Jan 3 2015 09:48PM

Happy New Year and welcome to 2015! The official TSCQ program for 2015 has been added to the Google calendar and can be viewed at the the Events Calendar page.

A handy feature of the Google calendar is that you can select as much or as little information to be displayed as you wish. The events shown on our TSCQ calendar consist of TSCQ events, Manly Combined Clubs events, the weather and Australian public holidays. Click on the arrow at top right to open a list of the types of events able to be displayed (all are displayed by default) and simply click on the check boxes to select whether that particular type of event is displayed or not. The image below shows what to look for.

Whatever selections you make do not affect any one else so feel free to play!

By tscq, Nov 28 2014 10:00AM

The last club sailing event for the year is the Geoff Wallace race from Victoria Point to Karragarra Island and back on Sunday 7 December. Geoff (Marty’s dad) was a past President, and a very active member from 1969 to 1992.

For Geoff the TSCQ was about having fun and enjoying the companionship as much (or more than winning races. For this race we stop at Karragarra Island for lunch and then resume the race back. If you like, bring something tasty to share at lunchtime. The course will be decided at around 10 am as we launch at the Victoria Point ramp but is usually either clockwise or anticlockwise around Macleay, Lamb and Snipe Islands. There will be a staggered start at the red buoy off Coochie with the first boats going at 10.40 am. Please take your own time at the first finish at the red beacon off Karragarra and pull into the sandy beach nearby.

There are picnic tables and public toilets here. If the weather is good for tinnies, parking the trailer close to the ramp could be limited. Non club members are welcome to join us for what is a very social event.

By tscq, Nov 26 2014 10:02AM

Mal tried out some new legs for Miramare at the weekend, and don't they look great?!

The Suzie McCarthy Memorial Trophy weekend saw boats pulling out at the start on Saturday due to the strong northerly winds which would have made the trip to the Sand Hills a long and wet slog. A few boats decided to head south for the weekend ultimately ending up at Canaipa. Miramare decided to spend the night at Coochiemudlo instead, which is where the photos were taken.

By tscq, Nov 16 2014 04:07AM

This trophy honours a much loved former club member who enjoyed sailing to the Sandhills. This year’s event is on Saturday 1 and Sunday 2 November, with the combined times for the two days used to decide the winner of the trophy. The inaugural winner in 2012 was Evergreen. Last year’s event was cancelled due to strong winds.

The Saturday race is from Manly to the Big Sandhills on Moreton Island, with staggered start times commencing from 10.40am at the Manly leads. Race briefing will be in the carpark near the public boat ramp just before 10am. Any boats wishing to cruise over should consider starting before 10.30am, but they can sail over in their own time.

We will be arriving at Moreton Island on a low tide so be prepared to move closer to the beach as the tide comes in (low tide at about 3.30pm). The high tide on Sunday morning at about 9:45am is higher than the evening high tide, so getting off the beach shouldn't be a problem.

Sunday’s race back will start between 9.30am and 10am when all boats are ready, as long as there is sufficient wind at this time. There will be an informal briefing after breakfast. Cruisers can return at their leisure.

There are no facilities at the Sandhills, just a lovely beach and the giant sand dunes. Be prepared to use the toilet on your boat or to go bush with a small shovel. Some refreshments will be provided by the club, but you should bring some drinks and nibbles for the usual get together. Folding chairs are optional. You can cook and eat on your boat, or on the beach. It is possible to camp behind the beach in a small tent if you wish.

Hope to see lots of boats out for this popular weekender.

By tscq, Oct 25 2014 09:33PM

Don’t miss this fantastic opportunity! Wivenhoe Dam is a great venue for trailer sailers. If you haven’t been there before, the TSCQ event on Sunday 16 November is a great chance, or come Saturday and stay overnight too. All comers are welcome, you don’t have to be a TSCQ member.

Some of us will just come on Sunday (it is only an hour from Brisbane) but most of us will come on Saturday or even Friday and “camp” at Lumley Hill. Be quick if you want to book a campsite – there are not many left because for some it is a long weekend with the G20 in Brisbane. We launch at the Captain Logan Inlet public boat ramp off Hay Road via Brisbane Valley Highway. You can leave your car and trailer there or drive around to your campsite.

It can be great fun just exploring the lake so coming Saturday is a good idea. The dam is currently more than 83% full - anything more than 50% is fine. Motors are allowed but if you use it for more than getting in to or away from the ramp it should be a four stroke or direct injection two stroke. I have rarely needed to use a motor as I have found it is easy to sail to and from the ramp. There is a gentle grassy bank along the water’s edge beside the ramp and there are no waves or tide to worry about.

There are no rocks, coral or nasty sand bars but depending on where you explore there could be a submerged fence post or two. You don’t need to wash the salt off later. The scenery is stunning and the bird life amazing.

There is a $15 fee for a permit to launch your boat and a camping fee for staying overnight. You don’t need to worry about the boating permit until you arrive. When you get there follow the signs to the Logan Camp Office to get the permit and then go to the ramp. You are not supposed to sleep on your boat which is why you need to book a campsite. If you plan to sleep on your boat it is a good idea to anchor it close to the campsite and pitch a small tent anyway. You should book and pay for the campsite by phone on 54264729. You can book any site at Lumley Hill or Captain Logan Camp but I prefer Lumley Hill with a site close to the water’s edge. More information is available at seqwater.com.au

We will have a cruise/race on Sunday starting around 11 am (probably a staggered start) at a yellow buoy out from Lumley Hill. We usually sail a clockwise course around three white drum buoys down the lake toward the dam wall and back to the yellow buoy to finish. Be prepared to take your own time. If there is wind it is not a long race/cruise so there is plenty of time for swimming or exploring the lake before sailing back to the ramp.

See you there.


By tscq, Sep 20 2014 10:39PM

An Archive page has now been added to the website and can be accessed from the menu to the left.

The Archive page contains results and newletters from previous years and additional content from days gone by will be added as time permits.

The old 'Results' button will continue to provide quick access to the most recent results and has been renamed to 'Latest Results'.

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