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Sunday 26 November

Presidents' Cup race from Manly

Last race of the 2017 season

Usual start times

Beautiful trophy - don't miss it

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By tscq, Mar 24 2017 06:30AM

The Club Championship and Aggregate Score are based on the points scored in Club

races and Manly Combined Clubs (MCC) series races. With club boats sailing in both

Division 2 and Division 3 of the MCC series, the traditional club scoring system cannot

be used. The committee has decided to trial a new system this year based on the

placing of each boat in both series of races.

Each boat sailing in MCC Division 2 and MCC Division 3 will be awarded points for the

placing obtained in their respective division, based on MCC handicaps. Club

handicaps will not be adjusted after MCC races.

All boats will compete in a single division for club races, which will be scored using

club handicaps. Club handicaps will be adjusted after each club race.

All points scored in both series of race will count towards the Aggregate Score trophy,

and the best ten results for each boat will count towards the Club Championship.

Results for the races already sailed this year will be rescored using the new system.

Scoring for all races, both club and MCC, is as follows:

 A boat, which finishes first, shall score zero points.

 A boat, which finishes last, shall score 100 points.

 All other boats which finish correctly shall score points equivalent to the

percentage of boats in their division that beat them.

 A boat which starts correctly but does not finish (DNF) shall score 110 points.

 A boat which starts correctly but is subsequently disqualified (DSQ) shall

score 120 points.

 A boat which does not start (DNS) shall score 130 points.

By tscq, Mar 1 2017 06:55AM

37 boats have entered the Moreton Bay Classic this weekend which is a fantastic number. Unfortunately the marina in Scarborough has a limited number of berths available so we cannot guarantee you a berth if you decide to enter the race now.

By tscq, Feb 5 2017 05:16AM

Online entry for the Moreton Bay Classic is now open. Click on the button on the top right corner of this page and go from there.

Entry for the Manly Combined Club Series is also available, The first MCC race is already in 2 weeks (19 / 2 ) so better get your entry in ASAP.

Click on Manly Combined Club Logo on the left for link to entry form.

TSCQ members must fill out the form BUT PLEASE DO NOT PAY (because we are special)

By tscq, Jan 4 2017 01:26PM

The TSCQ Sailing Instructions and Course Charts have been updated and are available for download under the documents tab on the lefthand side of this page. The Sangate Courses are available now and the rest of the courses will follow soon.

By tscq, Nov 7 2016 10:59AM

This trophy honours a much loved former club member who enjoyed sailing to the Sandhills. This year’s event is on Saturday 26 and Sunday 27 November, with the combined times for the two days used to decide the winner of the trophy.

The Saturday race is from Manly to the Big Sandhills on Moreton Island, with staggered start times commencing from 10.40 am at the Manly leads. Race briefing will be in the carpark near the public boat ramp just before 10 am. Any boats wishing to cruise over should consider starting before 10.30 am, but they can sail over in their own time. High tide is at about 7.30 pm so we can get right in to the beach. The high tide on Sunday morning is at about 8.15 am and higher than the evening high tide, so we should be ready to race back at about 9.30 am. There will be an informal briefing after breakfast. Cruisers can return at their leisure.

There are no facilities at the Sandhills, just a lovely beach and the giant sand dunes. Be prepared to use the toilet on your boat or to go bush with a small shovel. Some refreshments will be provided by the club, but you should bring some drinks and nibbles for the usual get together. Folding chairs are optional. You can cook and eat on your boat, or on the beach. It is possible to camp behind the beach in a small tent if you wish.

Hope to see lots of boats out for this popular weekender and to remember Susie.

By tscq, Sep 3 2016 12:27PM

The dates are Saturday 10th and Sunday 11th September.

For Saturday's race, the start times are as per normal with Division 5 warning signal not before 10.25am, Division 3 not before10.35am and Division 1 not before 10.45am. Saturday's briefing is at 9am as usual.

Sunday's race starts 1 hour earlier: Division 5 warning signal not before 9.25am, Division 3 not before 9.35am and Division 1 not before 9.45am. A briefing will be held at Karragarra Island on Sunday morning.

The courses are on page 17 to 21 of the Courses document on the Manly Combined Clubs website (see the 'Competitor Info/Documents' page).

Meals have been organized by Karragarra Island Yacht Club at a cost of $35 per head, which includes dinner on Saturday night and breakfast on Sunday morning. Please book by sending the number of meals your require along with your boat name to David Rose (david@seca.com.au), make the appropriate payment by the 5th September to the following account...

Manly Combined Clubs

BSB 064 001

Account number 11623895

(Use your boat's name as reference)

... and send the payment receipt to David Rose as evidence of payment.


Note that there has been a change to the Sailing Instructions - Rule 5.15.1 has now been amended for a cut off time of 16:30

By tscq, Jul 11 2016 06:23AM

This Saturday we will have our Annual General Meeting at the Moreton Bay Trailer Boat Club.

As in previous years we will have dinner and a secret Santa as well to make it a social night.

Bring a present to the value of $15 for secret Santa.

Please RSVP with Chop as we need to make reservations

Hope to see you you all this Saturday night !

By tscq, Jun 27 2016 08:26AM

Proceeds from the entry fee for the Big Lap Race will go to the Brain Foundation.

This weekend will be a feature event on our sailing calendar. Arrangements are in place for a good weekend with two days of sailing and social events to meet people and enjoy our great sailing location.

Friday evening we start with a BYO BBQ and drinks from 1730 on the hardstand outside the MBTBC marina office for an informal welcome. Some extra snags may be available. Call Mike Hennessey 0419 389 954 if you require a free berth for Fri and Sat night.

Saturday briefing is at 0800. The Big Lap feature race will be run in conjunction with Race 8 of our MCC series. Div 3 warning not before 09:25, Div 5 1010, and Div 1&2 09:55 hours. Dinner and presentations start 1830 at MBTBC. Two-course dinner $35 per person.

Sunday briefing will be at 0900 for Race 9 of our MCC series. Boats who do not belong to the MCC series but have paid the entry fee for the Big Lap Race will have free entry to sail in Race 9 but will not be eligible for points and prizes. Sausage sizzle at MBTBC after Sunday's race.

See web site: Competitor Info/ Online Big Lap Entry to find NOR, Course, Poster and Sailing Instructions. Please complete entries early to help us confirm catering numbers.

By tscq, Jun 21 2016 09:43AM

Next club sailing event is the Geoff Wallace race

from Victoria Point to Karragarra Island and back on Sunday 26th

of June. Geoff (Marty’s dad) was a past President, and a very active

member from 1969 to 1992.

For Geoff the TSCQ was all about having fun and enjoying the companionship. For this race we stop at Karragarra Island for lunch and then resume the race back. If you

like, bring something tasty to share at lunchtime. The course will be

decided at around 10 am as we launch at the Victoria Point ramp but is

usually either clockwise or anticlockwise around Macleay, Lamb and

Snipe Islands. There will be a staggered start at the red buoy off

Coochie with the first boats going at 10.40 am. Please take your own

time at the first finish at the red beacon off Karragarra and pull

into the sandy beach nearby.

There are picnic tables and public toilets here. If the weather is

good for tinnies, parking the trailer close to the ramp could be

limited. Non club members are welcome to join us for what is a very

social event."

By tscq, Jun 10 2016 08:28AM

Due to strong winds predicted this Sunday 12th June the scheduled Manly combined clubs race has been cancelled by the organising committee Enjoy your weekend

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