TSCQ Regatta Flyer 1991

TSCQ Regatta* History

It was decided that the Club would stage the second (the first was conducted by the Port Curtis Sailing Club at Gladstone) 1976/1977 Trailer Sailer Championships of Queensland during the Easter period and a Special Committee was set up to plan such a big event with the possibility of 60 to 70 boats taking part. This Regatta Committee was chaired by Doug Morgan with Ian Wilson as Secretary and sponsors were approached and donations as well as suitable trophies were acquired. Detailed planning was evident and meticulous care was devoted to coping with every conceivable eventuality. All agreed that it was a successful event and there were many challenges not least of which were the great variety of weather conditions, "from drifters to strong winds and heavy seas".

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Lalaguli Preparing for TSCQ Regatta 1977

Peter Heathwood and his son Ian prepare for the TSCQ Regatta in April 1977.

Wynnum-Redlands Herald, 13 April 1977.

*AKA The TSCQ Moreton Bay Classic

The following is from "A History of the Trailer Sailer Club of Queensland, The First thirty Years 1966-1996", written by Jean Stewart.

The Club’s own Regattas became a major feature of the programme starting in 1987.


The 21st Anniversary Regatta on March 1988 was wonderfully successful and made even more so when the overall trophy was won by long term member, Bing Brown.


The third Annual XXXX Regatta in 1990 was a great success and the Club was especially pleased with the coverage of the event in the Courier-Mail and The Sun. The Chairman for that Regatta was Jim Stanley, supported by secretary Jean Bearda and President Ron Mathews.


The fourth annual Regatta’s organising committee for 1991 comprised ;

  • Chairman David Stewart

  • Secretary Jean Bearda

  • Treasurer Trevor Shafferus

  • Ex Officio Ron Mathew (Club President)

  • Jim Stanley

  • Nev Schaffer

  • Sam Bearda

  • Bruce Vidgen

  • Laurie Ward (Handicapper)

The race was from Manly to Dunwich on Saturday 9 March and from Dunwich to Manly on Sunday 10 March. XXXX Brewery, Hood Sailmakers,

Preferred Marketing, Max Cribb & Associates and Whitworth’s Nautical World Pty. Ltd. were sponsors, the Little Ships Club’s facilities were used on Saturday night and both RQYS and MBTBC offered their facilities.


In 1992 the Regatta was re-named the LJ Hooker Trailer Sailer Regatta and the Chairman of the committee was Bruce Vidgen. Detailed instructions were issued as well as maps. Because of adverse weather caused by Cyclone Fran the race was postponed until 11-12 April. The 29th Anniversary Regatta sponsored by John Crawford Marine was held in 1996 with Nev Schaffer as Chairman.

TSCQ Regatta Flyer from 1991

TSCQ Sailing with Spinnakers 1989

TSCQ Trailer Sailers, 1989

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TSCQ Moreton Bay Classic



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